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Kate White (on Vocals) aka Katie,Ms K, Kitty Kat, Katester, is a versatile diva, with interests from fashion to farming, which is useful in keeping the boys out of wizard robes & sequins (Gil has watched too many ELP videos)

She loves to sing. She has a versatile voice and can perform a diverse range of songs from an Etta James classic one moment, to an Adele ballad the next.

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Sarah Eastwood
Sarah Eastwood - Headshot


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Sarah Eastwood (Vocals) aka "duracell bunny" is our all singing, dancing, acting ball of energy on stage!

She has considerable vocal prowess and is widely experienced as a vocalist & actress (she has received numerous best actress awards and nominations).

The vocal blend of Kate and Sarah's voices together is breath-taking and their soaring harmonies are memorable....oh and these girls know how to get a party started!!


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Ric Bardsley (Lead Guitar) is the master of the ‘short & sweet' solo on every occasion!

A melodic guitarist who has paid his dues and has assembled this truly talented group of musicians

.'Seriously, these are fabulous musicians and they keep my passion for music alive & kicking!'.


Ric is an experienced guitarist who plays from the heart, with passion.

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Ric Bardsley
Clive Milbank 1
Clive Milbank


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Former keyboards player for the tribute band, Floydian Doors, Clive aka Gilbey is our keyboards expert.

He has been playing classic rock and ballads since the age of 6 and can also, 'play a bit of classical'.

When we met he told me he is, 'dashing and debonair with a smooth complexion thanks to a large degree of regular moisturising'... Yes, he is a completely bonkers and just what you'd expect from a total musical genius !


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Arran Johnstone, drums & percussion, is a fantastic drummer and the heartbeat behind Mythicals.


He has toured and co-written with a band performing their original compositions and has wide experience of all genres.


He adds considerable power to the band's dynamics and we love his work...

Arran Johnstone
Arran Johnstone 1
Pete Hood


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A self-taught musician from Maidenhead who brings the groove to the band.

With influences including Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and Steve Harris, he adds depth, power, funk and excitement to the great songs that we cover.

Together with Arran, they bring an awesome rhythm section to the band!